You need to quickly implement a multi-tenant architecture
I'm a "2B company for businesses"
Enterprise as Tenant: My SaaS software is available to multiple enterprise customers at the same time. They share a single resource system, but their data and configurations need to remain separate.
I am a "complex large conglomerate"
Subsidiaries/Departments as Tenants: As the group administrator, I need to configure different enterprise business processes for various subsidiaries and departments while ensuring data and resource permissions are secure and manageable.
I'm a "user-facing service platform"
Distributors as Tenants: I provide a digital service platform for end-users, ensuring that each distributor can control the allocation of permissions for different resources to serve different customers and deliver a customized and seamless experience.
Building a flexible multi-tenant management architecture for your enterprise.
Rapid resource/privilege segregation
Instead of having to develop complex multi-tenant logic of their own, organisations can plug directly into Authing's complete multi-tenant architecture, which enables independence of data, permissions, settings, reusability and scalability for each tenant.
Provision of management back office
The "Adaptive" MFA policy can judge the risk based on the user's attributes, location and other data during authentication, and enable secondary authentication only within the risk range, helping enterprises to balance employee efficiency and user experience.
Access to APIs for system flexibility
Administrators can access Authing's management-side APIs to manage tenant resources under the user pool from their own system interface, performing tasks such as user management, application management, and tenant configuration.
Provide your tenants with independent, personalised user management capabilities
Meeting tenants' individual branding needs
With Authing, your tenants can set up their own independent login screens and login authentication methods, ensuring that the login module meets customised branding requirements and their own users' login habits.
Record user usage for fine-tuned operation
Authing provides your tenants with a complete end-user management back-end and statistics dashboard, creating a win-win situation with your tenants by easily refining operations without additional R&D.