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Authing announced the launch of Yunyun's "multi-tenant" identity solution
Authing is a developer-centered, iDaas product based on cloud original architecture, is an independent, neutral, scalable, secure cloud identity management infrastructure, supporting all businesses and developers, convenient access to all kinds of scenes. Demand. Recently, Authing announced that the identity authentication and authorization solution under the "multi-tenant" scenario is to help SaaS industry customers quickly online complicated "multi-tenant" management capabilities, while helping their partners to provide better identity. Manage full journey experience.
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What is we selling when talking about SaaS?
On October 24, the identity cloud platform Authing announced the completion of $ 23 million A round financing. This round of financing is a leader of the Tiger Global Fund, Dinghui VGC (Innovation and Growth Fund), Voice Network Agora, Old Shareholders GGV Jiyuan Capital and the Legend of the Chuango, Yue to the capital as an exclusive financial adviser. On the afternoon of November 19, the A-round financing reporter reception was successfully held, and many well-known media participated in the industry. Authing Founder Xie Yang published "When talking about selling SaaS, what are we selling?" The subject speech, the following is the wonderful review of this speech.
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Spring Security Integrated CAS Project Code Certification (3)
In the previous article ("CAS In the Authang Console Configuration Authentication (2)"), we talked how to configure the CAS required in the Authang platform configuration project integration, and how to get configured during the post-development process. At the same time, you also make everyone pre-study and familiar with some of the knowledge points needed during the construction and encoding process. Next this section, let's take a smooth completion of the project construction and encoding process.
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Manufacturing Identity Authentication Unified Management Solution
China's manufacturing transformation, is imminent, and relating to survival. In the face of trouble, you should seek change. Over the years, China's manufacturing industry has been in a fast-growing expressway, benefiting from the continuous development of the "incremental" market. However, in today's economic growth, today, how to use digital and information technology to transform manufacturing, let the manufacturing breakthrough "inventory" difficulties brought about by "stock" market, is becoming the current deep tillage in manufacturing The direction of business exploration.
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